GIFT NIFTY Points to a Big Gap! – Report on Pre-Market Analysis


Yesterday’s Updates

NIFTY opened the day at 21,932 and didn’t change much. The trading spread was 200 points overall, but it moved in very rough waves. The measure closed in the green after a 150-point rise in the last 30 minutes. NIFTY ended the day at 21,982, up 31 points, or 0.14%.

U.S. markets ended the day in the green. It was a mixed day on the European markets.


Todays Expectation

Most Asian stocks are doing well.

U.S. Futures are not moving up or down.

The value of the GIFT NIFTY is a bright 22,220.

Based on all of these factors, the market is likely to start flat to slightly up.

It is safe to trade on NIFTY at 22,175, 22,080, and 22,020. At 22,250, 22,300, and 22,350, we can expect support.

You can buy BANKNIFTY at 46,240, 46,000, or 45,560. Hits are likely at 46,470, 46,700, 46,950, and 47,200.

Investors from outside India bought shares worth a total of Rs 3,568 crores. Institutional investors in India sold shares worth a loss of 230 crores.

VIX in India went down to 15.57.

As expected, our market was very turbulent on the last day of the month. When the AMFI notice for limits on small and midcap funds came out on Wednesday, the market crashed.

At a steady 3.2% rate, the U.S. GDP grew last quarter, while India’s grew at 8.4%. The market will do well with this news.

The Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) inflation rate in the U.S. was found to be 2.4%. This isn’t the only number that needs to be looked at, but it does give us some hope that rates will go down in the future.

If our markets do open with a big gap-up like was said, it could start a great rise in prices. After the first 15 minutes, keep an eye out for the breakout. We thought that the level of 22,500 would be closer than ever for the market.

Be on the lookout for NIFTY IT, which has been ready for a big move.

The NIFTY has records from the last 20 years that show March has been the most unpredictable month. To make sure you deal well, make sure you know that.

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